Mazda Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

Mazda LogoMazda is a Japanese automotive company. They produce affordable and reliable vehicles. A partnership with Ford had allowed Mazda the growth opportunity it seeked in the United States. By 1996 ford had a controlling stake owning 33.3%. The successful partnership with Ford is good news for windshield and auto glass replacement. Replacement parts are affordable and available.

Mazda Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement Photos

Mazda Windshield Replacement

Auto glass and windshield replacement on a Mazda is affordable. The average is about half the cost of a luxury vehicle. The prices can go up depending on the model and part. Usually, the more common the vehicle the cheaper the replacement glass. Also, years when a model changes body-styles.  Because most Mazda’a share glass replacement parts with a Ford vehicle.

Another factor of Mazda auto glass prices is how often the part is broken. The windshield, Front Driver Door Glass, Front Passenger Door Glass are the most commonly broken windows and usually the cheapest. Followed by Rear Doors and on to Back Glass, Quarter Glass, Vent Glass.

Mazda has engineered their vehicles to be friendly to work on. Unlike many cars only the standard windshield replacement tools are needed. In the hands of a skilled auto glass installer a replacement will look and function like it was done on the assembly line. With that being said all models have their little issues.

Mazda Tribute windshield and car glass also fit the Ford Escape

Mazda Tribute Windshield Replacement

Mazda B-Series Pickup Truck windshield and car glass also fit the Ford Ranger

Mazda B-Series Pickup Truck Windshield Replacement


Mazda Windshield Replacement Options

Mazda has been a leader in vehicle safety. Some of those feature are found in the windshield.

Rain-Sensing System- Windshield wipers are automatically controlled by a system which detects rain hitting the windscreen. This improves visibility on rainy days, and freeing the driver from the burden of operating the wipers, helps him or her concentrate on driving. The sensor is located at the top center of the windshield.

Forward Obstruction Warning- using a camera mounted to the windshield the system detects vehicles or obstacles in front of the car using a millimeter-wave radar. The system calculates the distance to the object in front and, if the car gets close enough that there is a risk of collision, sounds an alarm and displays a visual alert, prompting the driver to apply the brake.

Lane Departure Warning System-using a camera mounted to the windshield the system detects line marking on the road surface and warns the driver of unintentional lane departures.

Intelligent HiBeams- Using a sensor in the windshield the vehicle will scan for oncoming traffic and adjust the headlights accordingly.

Smart Break Support- Using a camera mounted to the windshield the system helps minimize or possibly prevent frontal collisions when driving at speeds over approximately 10 mph. The system automatically applies the brakes if it determines that a collision with an obstruction ahead is unavoidable.

Mazda Windshield Replacement Service Locations:

Current Mazda Lineup

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • CX-5
  • CX-9
  • MX-5 Miata

Past Models

  • Tribute
  • RX-8
  • B2300 Truck
  • B3000 Truck
  • B4000 Truck
  • MPV
  • Protege

Current Mazda Vehicle Pictures

2015 Mazda 3 2015 Mazda 5 Minivan 2015 Mazda CX-5 2015 Mazda CX-9


Mazda Auto Glass & Windshields

When you need to have your Mazda windshield or auto glass replaced, it is always best to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass. This will ensure a perfect fit and problem free. After-market glass from reputable brands are good substitutes for OEM glass cost is a concern. Some of the options are just not available in aftermarket glass. Abbey Rowe Auto Glass provides all necessary parts for the replacement and its included in our quoted price.  That is a recipe for problems to include wind noise, leaks and loose trim. OEM glass is the only parts designed and engineered exclusively for Mazda. These parts preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

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