Lincoln Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

Lincoln LogoLincoln is the luxury brand of the Ford motor company. Although it started as its own company in 1917, Ford has owned it since 1922. Lincoln sedans are known for their large size and during the 60’s they produced the last of the 4 door convertible. In recent years Lincoln has re-branded and embarked on a major marketing campaign to revive the brand.

Lincoln Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement Photos


Lincoln Windshield Replacement

One of the nice things about this luxury Line is that it is apart of the Ford family. This makes the auto glass and windshields interchangeable with many other Ford models keeping the replacement price more in line with standard vehicles. It’s nice to be able to own a luxury vehicle and not have to pay a premium price for repairs.

Lincoln Navigator shares the same windshield and auto glass with the Ford Expedition.

Lincoln MKX and the Ford Edge share the same windshield glass.

There are some models that are unique to Lincoln like the MKZ and MKC that have auto glass that is mode only for those specific models. The replacement glass for those models can get pricey.

Lincoln windshield Replacement Options:

As you would expect with any luxury vehicle, Lincoln has many safety and convenient features built into the windshield glass. All of these options can effect the price.

Acoustic Interlayer- An additional vinyl layer fused into the windshield that helps reduce road noise, making for a more enjoyable ride.

High Beam Sensor-  Using a sensor mounted to the windshield the vehicle monitor for oncomming traffic and automatically select between low and high setting for the headlights.

Lane Departure Warning System- Using a camera mounted to the windshield the system will notify is the vehicle begins to drift out of it’s lane with using a signal.

Rain Sensor- A optical sensor attached to the windshield.  It uses infrared light beamed at a 45-degree angle into the windshield which reflects back — if the glass is wet, less light returns to the sensor, and the windshield wipers wipers turn on.

Lincoln Windshield Replacement Service Locations

Current Vehicle Lineup

  • MKC
  • MKX
  • MKZ
  • Navigator
  • Navigator L

Current Lincoln Vehicle Pictures

2015 Lincoln Navigator2015 Lincoln MKC 2015 Lincoln MKX 2015 Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln Auto Glass Parts & Windshields

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass offers Carlite® (OEM) and OEE auto glass and windshield replacement parts.  Carlex Glass America, LLC (Carlex Glass) is the exclusive United States source of Carlite® branded aftermarket auto glass products who distributes to wholesalers and retailers.  Abbey Rowe Auto Glass provides all necessary parts for the replacement and its included in our quoted price. Don’t be fooled by other companies that say they can save you money by reusing the moulding or clips.  That is a recipe for problems to include wind noise, leaks and loose trim. Carlite glass is the only parts designed and engineered exclusively for Lincoln. These parts preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

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