Fiat Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

Fiat LogoFiat is an Italian brand of automobiles that is now apart of Fiat Chrysler. The company had not been selling cars in the United States since 1983 until the Fiat Group acquired a stake in Chrysler LLC in 2009. Before the departure in the US the company ran into reliability issues that hurt sales and had a poor reputation.  In 2011 they introduced the new Fiat 500. After the success of the 500 they now offer a full line of models available in the states.

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Fiat Windshield Replacement

With their brief recent history in the US, Fiat replacement glass and windshields can be pricey and some hard to find. the vehicles themselves are not particularly difficult to work on.  It’s the lack of available aftermarket glass that effects the price. The OEM windshields have been known to even go on back order from the dealerships. It does take a skilled technician to remove the side pillar mouldings without cracking them.

Fiat Windshield Replacement Options:

Along with the brand of glass you choose for your replacement there are many features and options that your Fiat vehicle may be equipped with.

Acoustic Interlayer- Additional sound barrier between the laminated glass reducing road noise. Making for a more comfortable ride.

Rain Sensor- A optical sensor attached to the windshield.  It uses infrared light beamed at a 45-degree angle into the windshield which reflects back — if the glass is wet, less light returns to the sensor, and the windshield wipers wipers turn on.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist- Using a camera mounted to the windshield the system measures the vehicle’s position within lane boundaries. The system monitors the vehicle’s movement and will provide an audible and visual warning when the vehicle moves onto either line if the turn signal isn’t activated. During an unintentional lane drift, the system provides a visual warning and uses electric power steering to help gently course-correct the vehicle back into the lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control- The system will allow you to keep cruise control engaged in light to moderate traffic conditions without the constant need to reset your cruise control. Using a radar sensor and a forward facing camera mounted to the windshield designed to detect a vehicle directly ahead of you.

Fiat Windshield Replacement Service Locations:

Current Vehicle Lineup

  • 500
  • 500c
  • 500e
  • 500L
  • 500X
  • Abarth

Current Vehicle Pictures

2014 Fiat 5oo Abarth 2014 Fiat 500L 2015 Fiat 500 2015 Fiat 500c



Fiat Windshields & Auto Glass Parts

When you need to have your Fiat windshield or auto glass replaced, it is always best to use Mopar OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass. This will ensure a perfect fit and problem free. After-market glass from reputable brands like Pilkington make good substitutes for OEM glass cost is a concern. Abbey Rowe Auto Glass provides all necessary parts for the replacement and its included in our quoted price. Now that Fiat is with Chrysler you get the added benefit of Mopar replacement glass.

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