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Chevrolet, referred to as Chevy was founded by William Durant, who was also the founder of GM, and Louis Chevrolet.  He was fired from his position in 1911 but the company was eventually purchased by GM in 1917. In the 1920s, Chevrolet offered a complete range of  automobiles to compete with Ford’s Model T.  They would become one of the most influential brands in the American automobile industry. Chevrolet can count the fuel injected engine as its biggest contribution to the automobile industry; producing the first such engine in 1957. By 1963, one in ten cars sold in the United States was a Chevy.

Today, Chevy is one of the most popular and respected brands of automobile worldwide.  The name Chevrolet has become permanently attached to the GM Company and one of the most trusted brands on the market. Although times are changing, restructuring of the company will help ensure the Chevy name sticks around for years to come.

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Chevrolet Windshield Replacement

Replacing the windshield on your Chevy is, for the most part rather affordable.  Many new models are getting equipped with safety sensors in the windshield and those options can drive the price up.

Forward Collision Alert – A camera mounted behind the rear view mirror attached to the windshield detects when a driver is at risk of hitting the vehicle ahead. A visual alert will display in the instrument cluster and the Safety Alert Seat will pulse several times to warn the driver.

Lane Departure Warning – A camera attached to the windshield detects when the driver drifts into an adjacent lane without signaling, displaying a visual alert in the instrument cluster and pulsing the Safety Alert Seat three times on the side of the lane infraction.

Heads-up Display – Projects vehicle speed and other information in front of the driver’s field of view directly onto the windshield.

Rain Sensor –  Mounted behind the rear view mirror attached to the windshield detects rain and automatically adjust the windshield wipers.

Many of the windshields and door glass are interchangeable with other GM models, making the glass readily available. Thus, reducing the price. Auto glass and windshields will fit multiple years of the same make and model. If it is a brand new model, chances are the glass is going to be expensive.

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Chevy Auto Glass Parts & Windshields

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass offers OEM and OEE auto glass and windshield replacement parts for your Chevy. We can often offer OEM glass at great prices because of our great relationship with local GM Dealer’s .  Although many auto glass and windshield replacement companies advertise ‘used’ glass at rock bottom prices, it is best to avoid these deals. OEM or OEE glass has the right curvature to fit into your Chevy perfectly and lasts a lifetime.

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