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BMW is one of the “Big 3” luxury automakers along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi. They are the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and also produce MINI cars. Founded in 1917 manufacturing aircraft engines the company started producing automobiles in 1927.

In 2012, BMW was listed #1 most reputable company in the world by and was named the world’s most sustainable automotive company for the eighth consecutive year by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.  The brand is known for its ability to provide both performance and luxury in their vehicles.

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BMW Windshield Replacement

BMW windshield replacement requires a skilled technician familiar with the brand. Early models have windshields that are pretty basic without a lot of technology built into the glass. Replacements on those vehicles are about average. All BMW’s require a new moulding.  They are notorious for dry rot. Even on vehicles only a few years old, the rubber gasket that surrounds the glass begins to crack and break off. Fortunately, this is only a cosmetic item that does not effect the safety or integrity of the vehicle. The windshield cowl may need replacing as well

There are two ways to replace this “gasket” moulding. The cheap way and the right way. The cheap was is to simply pull the old moulding off, lay a bead of automotive urethane adhesive on the pinch well and insert the new moulding.  Now, this method can work just fine, but you can easily run into problems. The urethane that is holding the windshield in place may hinder the new moulding from sitting flush and cause wind noise and look wavy. The correct way is to remove the windshield place the new moulding on the glass, then set the windshield in place. This will create a bond between the vehicle, glass, and moulding resulting in a seamless professional installation.

BMW Windshield Options

Full Color Heads-Up Display- Will display current driving information on the windshield in front of the drivers line of sight. Allowing them to keep their eyes on the road.  It will even display radio stations and song tracks.

Active Driving Assist- Using a camera mounted to the windshield the Active Driving Assist includes Land Departure Warning, which alerts you when the vehicle drifts out of its lane without using a signal and Pedestrian and Collision Warning which detects road hazards in front of the vehicle, initiating the braking system to reduce vehicle speed and help avoid a collision.

Rain Sensing Wipers- A optical sensor attached to the windshield.  It uses infrared light beamed at a 45-degree angle into the windshield which reflects back — if the glass is wet, less light returns to the sensor, and the windshield wipers wipers turn on.

Humidity Sensor- Using a sensor mounted to the windshield, it can detect moisture on the inside of the glass and automatically adjust the air flow on the windshield eliminating fog.

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