Acura Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

Acura LogoLaunch in 1986, Acura is the luxury division of Honda.  It was also the first Japanese automaker to release a luxury line.  It’s success influenced other Japanese automakers to create luxury lines. Toyota and Nissan launched Lexus and Infinity. The first two vehicles released were the Legend and Integra. The Acura TL is the largest and best selling sedan.  In 2000 the introduced their first SUV, The MDX.  It has ranked as the second-best selling luxury crossover after the Lexus RX.  The brand is known for reliability impart because of their parent company.  They introduces the NSX in 1990.  It was a powerful V-6 sports car. It was build to compete with the top sports cars like Porsche and Ferrari. The NSX was the first all aluminium production car. Quickly becoming viewed as the “Everyday Supercar” because of its reliability and quality. 2005 was the last production year.  A new generation will be introduced in 2016. Many believe that the “A” logo is really just a skewed “H” from Honda.

Acura Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement Photos

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Acura Windshield Replacement

With any luxury vehicle replacement windshields are more expensive in general. Acura is no exception. With their popularity, there is no shortage of  replacement windshields.  Older models are pretty basic and the replacement cost is average, about the same as a Honda. Current models have many safety and convenient options built into the glass that effect the price. Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has the skilled technicians required to properly replace and windshield.

Acura Windshield Replacement Options

Lane Keeping Assist System Using a forward-facing camera mounted above the inside rear view mirror if you steer out of the lane without signaling, the system will guide the vehicle back into the center of the lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control with low-speed follow- While in cruse control the system will prompt you to select a distance interval to keep from the vehicle in front of you. Ranging from short, medium, long and extra long.

Forward Collision Warning- Using a camera mounted between the windshield and the rear view mirror the system alerts you to a potential collision with a vehicle detected ahead using both visual and audible warnings.

Collision Mitigation Braking System- Using a combination of radar transmitter and forward facing camera mounted to the windshield, the system determines the distance and closing speed of detected objects that lie directly ahead. If you do not take action the system will automatically tighten the seat belt and begin light breaking. If the system determines that an impact is unavoidable it will automatically tighten the seat belts and apply strong braking to reduce impact velocity.

Acura Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement Service Locations

Current Lineup

  • ILX
  • TLX
  • RLX
  • RDX
  • MDX
  • TL

Current Acura Pictures

2014 Acura MDX 2015 Acura ILX 2015 Acura RLX 2015 Acura TLX


Acura Auto Glass Parts & Windshields

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass offers Acura OEM and OEE auto glass and windshield replacement parts. We can often offer OEM glass at great prices because of our great relationship with local Dealer’s.  Although many auto glass and windshield replacement companies advertise ‘used’ glass at rock bottom prices, it is best to avoid these deals. OEM or OEE glass has the right curvature to fit into your vehicle perfectly and last a lifetime.

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