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Kenworth LogoKenworth is an american company that manufactures medium and heavy-duty commercial trucks and tractor trailers.  The company was founded in 1923 and has been a major part of the tucking industry ever since. Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has expert technicians with the skill to replace any Kenworth windshield or glass.  Our same day service and convenient appointment times guarantee that you will get to your destination on time.  As a commercial transport driver you know how important it is to keep your Kenworth truck in top condition.  Abbey Rowe Auto Glass offers free mobile service directly to you.

Kenworth Windshield Replacement Mobile Service Locations

Kenworth Windshield Replacement

It takes an experienced technician to replace windshields on a Kenworth. There are a few factors involved that make the replacement different than a regular passenger vehicle. The windshields are much larger in size. Some windshield can reach 6 ft across, requiring more than one technician to install. To keep the strength because of the size the windshields are thicker than normal cars. To help with this, many model have a “split” windshield. Technically two separate windshields, a drivers side windshield and a passenger side windshield. This helps in many ways. It keeps the weight and size down, making it possible for one installer to handle. Also, if there is damage to one side it does not effect the other. Kenworth as adopted some features from passenger vehicles into their windshields.

Kenworth Windshield Replacement Options:

Single Piece Windshield One large windshield that spans the entire width of the cab. Similar to a passenger vehicle. 

Split Windshield- The windshield is split into two windshields separated by a pillar. Drivers side windshield and passenger side windshield. Depending on the specific Kenworth model, the same windshield may be used for either side.

 Truck Lineup

Class 8 Trucks

  • C500
  • T2000
  • T880
  • T680
  • T660
  • T800
  • W900

Class 7 Trucks

  • K370
  • T370
  • T440
  • T470

Class 6 Trucks

  • K270
  • T270

Class 5 Trucks

  • T170

Current Kenworth Truck Pictures

2015 Kenworth C500 2015 Kenworth T680 2015 Kenworth T880


We service all year and model trucks. Give us a call and get your windshield replacement today. Windshield Replacements – The Right Way, Right Away.

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