Windshield Replacement

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass specializes in mobile windshield replacements on all vehicles.  Our same day service and convenient appointment times makes the windshield replacement painless. Whether you drive a new Mercedes-Benz or an old Ford work truck, We understand that getting back on the road is top priority.

The windshield is a structural component, as well as a safety feature of your vehicle.  It is very important that your windshield is replaced by professionals using proper technique, tools and replacement parts.  Restoring your vehicles safety standards.

Having your replaced is not an everyday occurrence. You need a company you can trust. Abbey Rowe Auto Glass is here to make sure all your questions are answered. Once on location your professional installer will gladly walk you trough the replacement process.

What is a windshield?

To help understand a windshield replacement you first must understand the windshield it’s self. Modern windshields are made of laminated glass. It is two sheets of glass bonded Dow Automotive Windshield Replacement Adhesivestogether with a cellulose inner layer. When broken the inter layer holds the glass together.  It was first produced mainly to protect the occupants from sharp pieces of glass.

Today, windshields play a large role in the vehicle’s rigidity and helps support the roof in a roll over accident. The windshield also adds overall structural strength to the vehicle. On some vehicles, for the air bags to function properly they must deflect off the windshield. The urethane adhesive must hold the windshield in place during impact to allow the air bags to protect the passengers.

Windshield Replacement- The Right Way, Right Away

If you do need a windshield replacement, Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has you covered.

  • We will provide a free mobile service.  All of our service trucks are “mobile shops” fully equipped to handle any windshield replacement in the field.
  • Lifetime warranty (see warranty page) that covers the installation and workmanship.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) parts
  • Professional installers
  • Best prices around! (888) 318-8774




Windshield Replacement Prices

The cost of a windshield replacement can vary greatly. From under $200 all the way into the thousands. It really depends on the vehicle.  In recent years automobile manufactures have added many features to the glass that can drastically effect the price. Most average passenger vehicle are around $200-$250. Call us for an EXACT price, not an estimate.  When you choose Abbey Rowe Auto Glass there is no question about the cost of your windshield replacement. Other factors that can effect a windshield replacement cost is the brand of glass.  Factory replacement windshields are going to be more expensive than OEM or OEE windshields, typically 2-3 time as much. With that, It does not necessarily mean the glass is any better or that it will be less likely to chip or crack.

Vehicle Windshield Options That Can Effect Price:

Acoustic Interlayer- A vinyl layer in the windshield glass that helps reduce road noise.

Electronic Rear-View Mirror- An auto dimming mirror attached to the windshield to help reduce headlight glare from approaching vehicles at night.

Forward Collision Alert- A windshield mounted camera detects the distance of the vehicle in front and will alert the driver is a crash is immanent.

Heat- Electrical heating element embedded in the windshield that can melt ice as soon as the option is turned on. You don’t need to wait to for the engine to warm up.

Heads Up Display (HUD)- A transparent projection on the inside of the windshield that display data, usually speed or driving directions that allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

Light Sensor- A sensor on the windshield that detects low light conditions and automatically turns the headlights on.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)-  A windshield mounted camera detects the lanes on the road, if the driver changes lanes without signaling it will alert the driver.

Rain Sensor- A optical sensor attached to the windshield.  It uses infrared light beamed at a 45-degree angle into the windshield which reflects back — if the glass is wet, less light returns to the sensor, and the windshield wipers wipers turn on.

Solar Coated- A special coating on the windshield that reduces UV Rays.

Windshield Replacement Information in Your Area:


What to Expect During a Windshield Replacement

When a windshield is replaced there a supplemental parts and materials that are required to perform a proper replacement.

  •  Replacement WindshieldWe use only the best windshields for your vehicle.
  • Urethane adhesiveOur Fast Drive Away adhesive is rated at 1 hour.
  • Moulding The rubber or plastic that surrounds the edge of the glass.  Don’t let someone tell you that they can save you money and reuse the moulding. It’s not the right way and a new one is always included in our windshield replacements
  • Clip Kit Certain vehicles have side trim pieces that are secured in place with plastic clips. These often break when removed, if so we will replace them, not glue the trim piece down
  • Sensor PadThe rain sensor on your vehicle will be moved to the new windshield but, for it to work properly the “gel pad” must be replaced. It is a thin clear gel about the consistency of jello that is installed between the rain sensor and the windshield this allows the optical sensor to detect the rain.

When going to the dealer to have your windshield replaced, often they will tell you that you need to also replace your rain sensor.  Often at a price of over $100. That is false.  You only need the rain sensor gel kit which runs between $10-$20 dollars.

How Long Does it Take To Replace a Windshield?

The windshield replacement process time really depends on the vehicle.  For most of your common vehicles a windshield  replacement takes about 1 hour, plus a 1 hour cure time, its about 2 hours total.  Your service technician will give instructions to care for your newly replaced windshield.   Our knowledgeable service reps can advise you during the scheduling process if we expect it to take any longer.

Urethane adhesive is the bonding agent used to secure the auto glass and restore the vehicle’s safety standard. Conventional cure adhesives rely on temperature, humidity and time to cure.  Moisture in the air causes a chemical reaction in the adhesive. The adhesive bead cures from the outside to the center as the moisture diffuses into the adhesive. The curing bonds the adhesive to the substrates and existing bead of urethane adhesive.

Windshield Replacement or Windshield Repair?

A windshield can be repaired if the entire damaged area is about the size of a half-dollar or less.  Now, if there is a single line crack extending out from the original chip.  The single line crack can be stopped, the windshield can be saved. However, the crack will not completely disappear.

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