Toyota Tundra Back Window Replacement

Toyota Tundra Power Drop Down Back Glass

Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement

The Tundra is the flagship truck for Toyota.  It was also the first full-size pickup made from a Japanese manufacturer sold here in the states.  It has won many awards, including Motor Trend 2008 Truck of the Year. Today, all Toyota Tundra’s  are manufactured in San Antonio, TX. When introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model, the original Tundra had a perception of being too small to be a serous threat to the domestic trucks.

Second generation spanning form 2007-2016 all share the same glass. This is good for consumers because with the trucks popularity and the fact that the glass hasn’t changed in ten years, the glass is pretty cheap and easy to find. 

Toyota Tundra Back Window Replacement

The “back glass” or “rear window” has many options. 

  • Stationary Single Piece 
  • Stationary Single Piece with Defrost
  • Drop Down Power Window
  • Horizontal 3 Piece Slider

(Toyota Tundra Windshield Replacement)

Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement 2 Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement 7 Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement 5  

A Toyota Tundra back window replacement is very similar to a door glass.

  1. Fold down or remove rear seat (depends on year)
  2. Remove plastic panel
  3. Remove the bolts that attach the metal cover to gain access to the regulator
  4. Vacuum broken glass and remove the 4 bolts attached to the regulator
  5. Slide new glass into place and attach to regulator using the bolts previously removed
  6. repeat steps in reverse order to complete.

Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement 4Toyota Tundra Black Window Replacement 3

Toyota Tundra Glass Replacement Service Locations:

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass – The Right Way, Right Away.

If you do need Auto Glass Replacement, Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has you covered.

  • We will provide a free mobile service.  All of our service trucks are “mobile shops” fully equipped to handle any windshield replacement in the field.
  • Lifetime warranty that covers the installation and workmanship.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) parts
  • Professional installers


Discussion (4)

  1. I Want to replace 2018 Dodge RAM Ltd rear slider with a Toy Tundra full window up/down defrosted window.

    • I’m sorry, that is not possible. Well, I guess it’s technically “possible”, it would require extensive body and interior modification costing in the thousands of dollars.

  2. hello. I have 2018 Tundra SR double Cab 6ft bed 4.6L. Currently it has a solid rear back glass that does not slide down. Is it possible to get the Power Drop Down Back Glass? I know I would need a new back glass and regulator motor plus electrical wiring. Is that something that can be done. thanks

  3. Francisco E Castro

    Is there a kit to replace or install a power dropdown back window on a 2005 silverado crew cab?


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