SXSW Spikes Austin Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement Austin, TX- SXSW




Vehicle crime spikes every year in Austin, TX during the annual SXSW music, film and interactive gathering.  last year the event drew 376,000 attendees to at least one performance or stage event, according to 2014 Economic Analysis figures compiled by SXSW consultants.

In March 2013, Austin police worked 811 vehicle burglary reports. Most cases report at least one auto glass window being damaged.  Many cases involve more than one car window Dodge Dakota Door Glass Replacement in Austin, TX during SXSWneeding replacement.  Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has been very busy trying to keep up with the demand for auto glass replacement.  Many victims are from out of town and getting their car window replaced the same day is a top priority.  We have professional installers on standby ready to help.

Here are a few tips to help prevent from smashing your car window and stealing your property or your vehicle:

  • Take your keys with you and lock your car – Sounds pretty obvious, but half of all stolen vehicle in Texas are from owners “hiding their keys” in their car.
  • Park in well lit areas – Most break-in occur at night and thieves like the cover of darkness.
  • Take valuables with you- If you can’t lock them in your trunk. Make sure you do this prior to arriving at your destination. Thieves will scout a parking lot watching you arrive.
  • Remove any electronic devices from your windshield – Having your GPS mounted to your windshield is an invitation to thieves. They can just drive around scouting without having to get out of their car. Don’t forget to remove the mounting bracket on the windshield as well.  Odds are the device is in the glove box or floor.

It is especially important to follow these tips when it’s raining.  Thieves like this because people tend to hurry inside, leaving valuables behind.  Also, there is less foot traffic and the rain helps dampen the noise car window glass makes when smashed.





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