Mercedes-Benz Windshield Dashcam

Windshield and Back Glass Camera

Vehicle – 2013 Merccedes-Benz GLK350

Camera – Blackvue DR650GW-2CH

Installation – Front Windshield and Back Glass Camera

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Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 1 Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 13

Both camera’s are hard wired to the vehicle and provide 24hr loop recording. The camera has built in Wi-fi that connects to the internet hot-spot in the vehicle. This provides access to watch videos and change camera setting remotely.  One feature I really like is the notifications you can receive.  There are many to choose from, I selected only to receive a notification when the camera detects an event.

If the is parked and it detects motion or impact, it will send a message letting me know. Using the app, I can view the video, download it or choose “live View” to see and listen to whats happening around the car in real time.  It’s basically a web connected nanny cam or baby monitor for you car.

The installation is actually quite easy. This took about 4 hours, but I went very slow and triple checked everything.  Now it would take less than two.

First, you need to decide where to mount the front camera on the Mercedes-Benz windshield.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 2

There are really only three spots that work well for this particular camera / vehicle set up.

Using painters tape (Blue masking tape) I secured the camera in each position. Then sat in the drivers seat and evaluated the pro’s and con’s of each position.

  1. Left of the rear-view mirror flush with the headliner (Pictured above)
  2. Directly under the mirror
  3. Right of the rear-view mirror flush with the headliner

On this vehicle when mounted under the mirror the camera is rather distracting. It ends up sitting rather low and in the drivers line of sight.

The best choice is right or left. When mounted to the right of the mirror it is completely hidden from the drivers point of view. I chose to mount on the left side because I felt I would get annoyed leaning over to check if the little record light was on.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 3 Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 4

There are two cable from the main camera (front windshield), one for power and one for the second camera. I used the fuse box in the rear cargo area for power. So, I simply ran both wires together.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 5

I quickly ran the cables to the rear of the car to make sure there was enough length to make it all the way.

Once confirmed I began tucking the cables into the headliner and down the drivers side of the vehicle. This was actually very quick and easy. There is no need to remove anything.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 6 Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 7

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 12

There are many different options to run the cables once you reach the rear. I personally did not want any wires showing at all. The rear trim plate comes loose with just one screw and the styrofoam jack compartment lifts out easily.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 11

Next came came the fun part. Choosing how to power everything! I opted to use a powermagic pro unit that has a automatic shutoff if the battery reaches a pre-determined level.

You need two sources of power for this type of install.

  • Constant power
  • ACC Power

I used fuse taps and location Fuse #46 (Alarm, Central locking, interior motion sensor) for the constant power and Fuse #71 (Cigar Lighter)

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 10

There are endless possibilities of fuse locations that will work.

Constant power

  • KEYLESS-GO #74
  • COMAND #26
  • Break lights #21
  • Air Bags #8, 15, 37, 77
  • Hazard warning flashers #18
  • More………

ACC Power

  • Central display #11
  • Glove compartment light #21
  • Panoramic Glass Roof #17
  • More…….

Why did I choose those fuse locations? I wanted to use two fuses that did not have direct ties to the operation or safety of the vehicle. (Air bags, Keyless-Go, Break lights).

After connecting everything and testing the system it was time to install the rear camera on the back glass.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 8 Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 14

Although not difficult, this was the most time consuming. You must remove the entire rear hatch interior trim panel to run the cable properly.  the extra cable is easily tucked away between the roof and headliner.

Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 9 Mercedes-Benz Dash Cam 13

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

Austin, TX – Mercedes-Benz Auto Glass

Discussion (7)

  1. Philippe Verdoni

    Hi Andrew,
    thank you for the very clear information that you provide. I have a question related to what you are mentionning: “….The camera has built in Wi-fi that connects to the internet hot-spot in the vehicle…” I am presently installing a Lukas 7950 in my Class e-2017 Mercedes. This dashcam generates its one Wifi network to which I can connect either a smartphone or a tablet featuring the Lukas app. The Lukas app does’nt enable to connect the dashcam to an other Wifi network (such as the network generated by the car). However the app enables me to manage the dashcam settings and display the video captured by the camaras (the Lukas 7950 has a front and a rear camera). I can also see the videos stored on the miniSD cards of the dashcam. I have no mean to access the dashcam videos by internet.

    • The camera has a WiFi “receiver” allowing it to be connected to a broadcasting network.(ie. Car hot-spot or dedicated wifi network) and the data is now in the cloud on Lucas servers. Through the app you can connect to “Lucas servers” allowing to view the data anywhere in the world. When you connect your phone directly to the camera via wifi it is simply a connection allowing data to be transferred from camera to phone. It’s not actually “in the cloud”. Hope that makes since.

  2. Hi Andrew, I’m interested in doing a similar setup but my the wifi on my E clas (w213) turns off when engine’s off. How did you manage to keep it on on your GLK?

  3. Hi Andrew. How did you manage to keep the wifi/internet connected when the car is locked ?
    I have an E-class ‘w213) but the wifi shuts down.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    How did you manager to install rubber wire seal back on? I am referring to rubber wire cover seal through which you fed the wire. have been struggling with it. I imagine if it’s not sealed then it would be a safety issue as water can get through to it.

  5. Hello Andrew,

    I saw your post on the MB forum and see that you have the same type of fuse box locking mechanisms as I. Are those the ATO fuses in your fuse box? Due to those fuse box locking enclosures I cannot fit my ATO fuse adaptor on there. There is a tiny thing sticking out of the fuse adaptor and that prevents me from putting it all the way in to power up the dash cam. This is the item I have, and the rexing v1p pro. I plan on doing the exact same thing as you did on your benz, but I cannot insert the fuse in all the way. Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need any additional information.


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