Lane Departure Warning System

Lane departure warning system are safety features designed to prevent high-speed accidents on highways and freeways. There are a few different styles depending on the manufacture,  some of them are more proactive than others. Designed to warn the driver, or make automatic corrective actions, if the driver begins to drift out of the lane.


Lane Departure Warning – This is the least invasive of the systems. Using a camera mounted to the windshield. The system tracks the lane and will alert the driver of a lane change, taking no corrective action. As long as the turn signal was not used.

Lane Keep Assist– This takes the safety system one step further.  If the driver drifts away from the center of the lane, and does not make corrective action after the warning, the system will make an automatic correction to recenter the vehicle. This can be done by applying slight brake pressure to one tire or gently applying torque to the steering wheel.  

Lane Centering Assist – The most invasive of the systems. This system will continuously make auto corrections to keep the vehicle centered without providing a warning prior.


Most of these systems do not activate unless the vehicle is at highway speed.  According to the National Highway Transportation Administration, about 70 percent of all single-vehicle highway fatalities in the United States occur in run-off-road accidents. Since run-off-the-road accidents occur when a vehicle leaves its lane and drives off the roadway, lane departure warning system have the potential to help prevent many fatal accidents. In theory, lane departure warning has a tremendous potential. In fact, AAA says that lane departure warning could eliminate almost 50 percent of all head-on collisions.

Even the most advanced examples have limitations. These systems often rely on visual information to track the relative position of a vehicle within its lane, so anything that obscures the lane markers will render the technology useless. That means you usually can’t rely on them in heavy rain, snow, or if there is excessive glare from the sun. Turn signals can also shut down your lane departure or lane-keeping system. These systems are all designed to shut off if a turn signal is activated, which prevents the technology from fighting you whenever you change lanes. If you accidentally leave your turn signal on after changing lanes, the system will remain dormant.

Vehicles with Lane Departure Warning System

Many automakers have different names for the advanced feature. 

  • Acura -Lane keeping assist system
  • Audi -Audi active lane assist
  • BMW -Lane departure warning BMW Lane keeping assist system
  • Buick -Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
  • Cadillac -Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
  • Chevrolet -Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
  • Chrysler -Lane Sense
  • Fiat -Lane Sense
  • Ford -Lane keeping system
  • Genesis -Lane departure warning w/lane keeping assist
  • GMC -Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
  • Honda -Lane departure warning Honda Lane keeping assist system
  • Hyundai -Lane departure warning and lane keep assist
  • Infiniti -Lane departure prevention
  • Jeep -Lane Sense
  • Kia -Lane departure warning system
  • Lexus -Lane departure warning Lexus -Lane departure alert with steering assist
  • Lincoln -Lane keeping system
  • Mazda -Lane-keep assist system & lane departure warning
  • Mercedes-Benz -Active lane keeping assist
  • Mitsubishi -Lane departure warning
  • Nissan -Lane departure warning/Lane departure prevention
  • Porsche -Lane departure warning system
  • Subaru -Eyesight with lane keeping assist
  • Toyota -Lane departure alert Toyota -Lane departure alert with steering assist function
  • Volkswagen -Lane assist (lane change assistant)
  • Volvo -Lane departure warning Volvo -Lane keeping aid

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