Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement

The Jeep Liberty was produced from 2002-2012 as the replacement for the Cherokee. With many Jeep owners using their vehicles off road, a broken windshield on a jeep is a very common occurrence. However, there is some good news.  Jeep Liberty windshield replacement costs are on the more affordable end of the price scale.

Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement Austin TX

2005 Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement

This is a easy quick windshield replacement. First, remove the mirror Torx set screw driver T25.
• Remove the windshield wipers using a 13-millimeter socket.
• Remove the four retainer clips on the edge of the cowl. Then release the underside retainers to remove the cowl.
• The A pillars are held by five Phillips screws.
• Cut the windshield out with cold knife or extractor.

**Please do not attempt to replace a windshield unless you have the proper training and safety equipment. 

Windshields play a large role in the vehicle’s rigidity and helps support the roof in a roll over accident. The windshield also adds overall structural strength to the vehicle. On some vehicles, for the air bags to function properly they must deflect off the windshield. The urethane adhesive must hold the windshield in place during impact to allow the air bags to protect the passengers.

Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement Austin TX 2 Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement Austin TX 3

After setting the new windshield just reverse the steps to complete the installation. The Jeep Liberty does not have a top molding, the edge of the glass is exposed.  Average cost for a 2002 – 2006 Liberty is about $200 and takes about an hour to replace. There is only one windshield available. It does not have any options, or sensors.

Jeep Liberty Windshield Replacement Service Locations:

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