Free Windshield for Austin Rock Throwing Victims

Austin Police CarAUSTIN, TX – This is one of the strangest crime trends and Austin has been plagued with these incidents since 2014. Large rocks being thrown from overpasses on I-35 at random vehicles passing causing major windshield damage.

Austin police have little known information on the attacks and believe some rocks may be thrown form passing vehicles.

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass wants to help the victims of this senseless crime by replacing the damaged windshield for free. Austin Police Department is also offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involved in these rock-throwing cases.

In the last 18 months there has been over 50 confirmed cases, stretching from as far south as Riverside Dr. and north to Breaker ln. There has been no fatalities so far, but numerous injuries have been reported and two were critically injured. Austin Police said they are working with both Federal and local agencies and is taking the matter very seriously and devoting all available resources to making an arrest.

Windshield Damaged Austin Rock Throwing

(photo: Austin Police Department)

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said that the criminals are playing “Russian roulette.” He added that whoever is behind the incidents is a coward, and is concerned someone could easily be killed.

“Somebody’s getting there jollies out of victimizing innocent people. Out of terrorizing a community.  Someone out there knows something. And I urge you to step forward and say something not just because of the $10,000 dollars, but before someone is killed,” Acevedo said in a press conference Tuesday. (KVUE)

Free Windshield Replacement

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass is a local Austin windshield replacement company. The cost of a unexpected windshield replacement can be a financial burden to many people. Most rock chips don’t cause extreme damage to the windshield and the vehicle can still be safely driven.

The large rocks that are being used in these crime are causing extreme damage, and in most cases completely destroying the windshield, leaving the car inoperable.  We want to help these families get their lives back to normal as fast and safely as possible.

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  1. I was a victim of a rock throwing on Highway 71 near Highway 35 in Austin Texas.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Please give us a call to talk about getting you a new windshield!


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