Chip Repair

Windshield Chip Repair

The Chip Repair process is pretty simple. Epoxy resin is injected into the chip, which seeps into damaged area and bonds to the glass.  The end result is a repair stronger than the original glass.  Rock chips are like snow flakes, they are all different.  The chip will not completely disappear but will look a whole lot better!  Usually, it will reduce the visibility between 70-90%.  Below is a before and after picture of a very large windshield repair.  This is typically what you should expect from a chip this size.  If the damaged area is larger that the size of a half-dollar, you made need to replace your windshield.  Call us or upload a picture to our gallery and we can help determine your options. (888)318-8774.

Windshield Chip Repair Service Locations


2007-acura-mdx-large-windshield-chip-repair-after 2007-acura-mdx-large-windshield-chip-repair-before

As you can see the chip repair greatly reduced the visibility and now structurally the windshield is as good as new.

2012-mini-cooper-windshield-chip-repair-before 2012-mini-cooper-windshield-rock-chip-repair-after

This was a much smaller chip to begin with.

 Windshield Chip Repair, Fast!

From start to finish the entire process takes about 30min. That includes the drying time for resin.  Once the repair is complete the windshield is as good as new.  You can treat it as if it never happened.

Here is another example of a successful rock chip repair by Abbey Rowe Auto Glass of Austin



Tips!  Before your repair!

  • Keep the chip as clean as possible. You can even put a piece of scotch tape to help keep dirt, dust, pollen, water and whatever else may contaminate it.  The cleaner the chip, the better the visual outcome of the repair will be.
  • Try NOT to rapidly cool or heat the windshield.  Its the quick change in temperature which causes the glass to expand and contract increasing the odd that a small chip will grow.
  • Keep moisture out! (if possible).  Don’t worry, if its raining or it gets wet it’s not the end of the world.  The windshield  just needs to dry completely before beginning the chip repair.
  • Call (512) 501-2014 to schedule your windshield repair and let Abbey Rowe Auto Glass take care of the rest.

Recent Customer Submitted Windshield Chip Repair Photos


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