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Car Window Replacement – Abbey Rowe Auto Glass

Victim of a break-in? Abbey Rowe Auto Glass will replace any car window or door glass.  It can be a scary experience to wake up and see that your vehicle was vandalized.  We are here to get you back on the road fast and painless.  Just like with windshield replacements we will come to you! No need to miss work or drive in the heat or cold without a window.

Ford Ranger Car Window Glass ReplacementFord Ranger Car Door Glass Replacement with New Car Window

Car Window & Door Glass Replacement

Car window glass replacement is usually a fast process.  It is purely mechanically installed, so there is no waiting for glue to dry. Once your technician completes the installation your vehicle is as good as new. The process can take about 30 minutes up to a few hours depending on the vehicle. Most are completed in under an hour.  Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru and some luxury vehicles have a complex design that requires specialty tools and knowledge.  Those replacements take a little longer.  Also vehicles with side-airbags.

Our professional installers vacuum the broken glass from your vehicle’s seats and inside the door. If you decide to do a little clean up before we get there be careful. Use a shop-vac or vacuum at a car wash. DO NOT sweep the glass from your seats or any other surface. Doing so can cause scratches on leather and plastic.

Modern car door glass can be either laminated or tempered. Two most common options are tinted glass (which actually looks clear) the same color as your windshield. Privacy glass which is very dark, looks like sunglasses.

Car Window Replacement Service Locations

Laminated Car Glass and Tempered Car Glass

Laminated glass is made of two pieces of glass with a piece of laminated plastic between them. It is a form of safety glass that is designed to hold together when shattered. Windshields are laminated glass. When broken, it will show a “spider web” pattern.

Tempered Glass is the most common type of door glass. This form of safety glass when broken will crumble into little pieces instead of sharp shards like a home window.

Truck Back Glass

Truck Back glass has the most options and the widest price range for replacement. A standard Chevrolet Silverado back glass installed is under $200 and will take less than an hour. On the other hand a Dodge Ram back glass with power slider, heat, tint, with motor can take many hours and cost upward of $700. Sliding truck back glass is made of three pieces of glass with the center piece that is movable. The glass comes with a plastic encapsulation surrounding the glass that is injection molding to the glass forming one piece. If any of the three panels of glass are broken you must replace the entire back glass.

Did your door glass just slide down into the door?

When your window motor fails. Abbey Rowe can fix that as well.

 Did your window motor just stop rolling up or down?

No Problem. There are a few things that could cause this.  Call us and let one of our specialist help diagnose your window motor problem.

Call (888) 318-8774 and let Abbey Rowe make your stressful day a little easier

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