BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement

A BMW windshield cowl replacement is a simple DIY project. The rubber trim on BMW‘s are prone to dry-rot.  After only a few years it begins to crack and crumble. A great way to keep your BMW looking proper is to simply replace the plastic and rubber windshield cowl. 

BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement

Most parts on a BMW are expensive. A new OEM windshield cowl is surprisingly cheap at around $50. The replacement process takes approximately 20 and can accomplished at home with a few basic hand tools.

BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement 4

The first step in the procedure is remove the windshield wipers from the car.  Remove the caps off the top of wiper posts to expose the nut. Using a socket undo both the nuts that you see under the caps. After the nuts are off wiggle the wiper arm back and forth a little bit while pulling up and the arms should slide right off the post.

BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement 2 BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement 3 BMW Windshield Cowl Replacement 5  

Next, using a 1/4 driver insert into the clip hole and rotate 1/4 turn. This will rotate and release the built in clips holding the cowl. After removing the cowl take a few minutes to clean any dirt and debris before installing the new cowl. 

To install the new cowl just repeat the previous steps in reverse order. 

BMW Windshield Replacement Service Locations

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass – The Right Way, Right Away.

If you do need your BMW Auto Glass Replaced, Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has you covered.

  • We will provide a free mobile service.  All of our service trucks are “mobile shops” fully equipped to handle any Auto Glass Replacement in the field.
  • Lifetime warranty that covers the installation and workmanship.
  • BMW OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) parts
  • Professional installers
  • We work directly with all major insurance companies
  • All forms of payment accepted. Debit/Credit, Cash or Check


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