BMW 325 Windshield Replacement

2002-2005 BMW 325 Windshield Replacement

A BMW 325 windshield replacement requires a skilled technician familiar with the brand.  BMW’s E46 fourth generation stretched from 1998-2006. A windshield rain sensor was offered on the 325 from 2002-2005. The BMW 3 Series is a compact luxury vehicle and is BMW’s top selling line. This generation made Car and Driver Magazine’s “10 Best Selling Cars” every year.

BMW 325 Body Styles

  • 2-door Coupe
  • 2-door Convertible
  • 4-door Sedan
  • 5-door Touring (4-door station Wagon)

2002 BMW 325 Windshield Replacement 2002 BMW 325 Windshield Replacement 2002 BMW 325 Windshield Replacement

2002 BMW 325 Windshield Replacement

With all BMW windshield replacements a new molding is required.  BMW’s rubber trim is known for dry-rot and cracking. However, the windshield molding is purely cosmetic. It just helps smooth the transition between the glass and the body. It does not “seal” the windshield.

To replace the windshield you must first remove the plastic housing covering the rain sensor and remove the mirror. The rear-view mirror can be removed by twisting a quarter turn.  The rain sensor is an option for this vehicle. The sensor itself stays with the vehicle, but a new rain sensor refurbish kit is required. Installation takes about an hour and costs under $250.

BMW 325 Windshield Replacement Service Locations

Abbey Rowe Auto Glass – The Right Way, Right Away.

If you do need your BMW Auto Glass Replaced, Abbey Rowe Auto Glass has you covered.

  • We will provide a free mobile service.  All of our service trucks are “mobile shops” fully equipped to handle any Auto Glass Replacement in the field.
  • Lifetime warranty that covers the installation and workmanship.
  • BMW OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) parts
  • Professional installers
  • We work directly with all major insurance companies
  • All forms of payment accepted. Debit/Credit, Cash or Check

*Car and Driver Magazine


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